Psac Sv Collective Agreement 2017

The PSAC (Public Service Alliance of Canada) SV (Services) Collective Agreement for 2017 is an important document for both federal government employees and those who are interested in the Canadian labor market.

The new collective agreement was ratified in June 2019, following lengthy negotiations between the PSAC and the federal government. The agreement covers approximately 1,000 PSAC members who work in various services including administrative support, technical services, and operational support.

One of the key aspects of the agreement is the wage increases that were negotiated. Under the new agreement, service workers will receive a 1.25% increase in 2017, followed by a 1.25% increase in 2018, and a 1.5% increase in 2019. This represents a significant improvement over the previous collective agreement, which provided for an annual increase of just 0.5%.

In addition to the wage increases, workers covered under the new agreement will also receive improved benefits. For example, the new agreement provides for an additional week of vacation for workers who have worked for the federal government for at least five years.

Another significant improvement under the new agreement is the change to the grievance process. Previously, workers were required to go through several steps in order to resolve a dispute with their employer, including a hearing before an external arbitrator. However, under the new agreement, disputes can be resolved more quickly and less expensively through mediation or conciliation.

Overall, the PSAC SV Collective Agreement for 2017 represents a significant improvement for federal government employees working in services. With improved wages, benefits, and dispute resolution processes, workers will be able to enjoy better working conditions and greater job security.